Saturday, November 20, 2010

Advent Wreaths

Today I'm going to finish up the 7 Advent Wreaths to hang outside Church and the Chapel. They shouldn't take too long, but just have to replace those bows. They've served their purpose, now they need to go to bow heaven (or where bows go when you are finished with them). I'll try to take a picture or two and add to the blog. I just can't believe Thanksgiving is so close. It seems strange not to be cooking this year. But celebrating Greg's 70th is spectacular. So excited to be there and see all my nieces and nephews and their families. To me that's what makes holidays. It's not the food or gifts, it's family around you and the joy you feel being with those you love. Well I'm heading down to the basement and do my homework for Church.And hopefully, take a picture or two in the process.

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