Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Today we take time to honor our friend and fellow crafter Jen Scull.  If you are here hopping with us, then I am sure you know Jen is battling breast cancer.  She has been fighting this nasty disease since February.  On behalf of Jen, we thank you for being here.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wednesdays 'Challenge

I also had a challenge Wednesday.   The theme for my challenges for the month of  August is "back to school".

I am taking a primary color each week and adding 2 embellishments to use to make their card.  

This week's primary color is:  green
                    embellishments:   buttons and numbers

Here is my sample. The image I used was one created by Jellypark Designs.  Her badge is on the side bar of my blog.  You've just got to check her out.You'll love her work.  Her images are so easy to work with.  Of course, this little gal is sitting at her table just wondering what to do with all those fun things  to use.  She's also practicing her numbers.  Pretty good job.

Another altered challenge

Friday, 8/24/12, I posted another challenge with the back to school theme.  This week I showed how to make  a mini book for an Emergency Contact List for the babysitter. 

Now I used  a few sheets of chip board  for my book.  But you  could always use empty cereal boxes, or other types of boxes made of sturdy  paper.  Just cut the the box up into the size book you wish to make.

Mine was 6x6".  I used my stash of paper to cover the page. 
The hardest part about making this book is selecting the paper to use.  

*Be sure to pre-punch your pages before covering  with paper.  This will allow you to use the indentation of the holes to trace over.
Here is a sample of what I used to make this.

I also used a variety of ribbon pieces to dress up the rings .

The book I made had:
4 chipboard pages(2 sided)
back cover

To cover your pages:

For the front and back covers:

I cut 2 pieces of paper: 8x8"
Once  one side was covered, I cut the corners at an angle.  This allowed the paper to wrap over the sides of the page to give a more finished look.

This is the size  to cut the inside of the cover.
6x6".  This will fit neatly onto the page without overlap.

So here is what to do with the rest of the pages.

outside covers-  8x8"
inside covers- 6x6"

page 1 & all odd # pages :  cut to 8x8"

page 2 & all even # pages:  cut to 6x6"

Once your pages are covered, be sure to trace over the  pre-punched holes where you'll put the rings thru.

If you look closely you'll see the traced holes.

Then decide what type of info. you wish to put into your book.  Mine are simply suggestions. The  next group of pictures will show each page or pages to give you an  idea how I set up my book.

This is a perfect project you could do with your child.  Get their input .  You'd be surprised what they'll suggest to add to it.

Let me know how you like this project. Leave me some love.   



Monday, August 20, 2012

August 14th Challenge; presents

Here is my card for the August 14th Challenge at TSB
The image is "Puppy Surprise".  Theme was:

Check out Tracey's Store   The Stamping Boutique 

Come on by and check out some of the teams other creations for the "Present" theme for the August 14th Challenge. 

Leave me some love .

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Challenge

Well, Summer  is almost gone.  (Do I hear cheering in the background coming from moms?)  We had a challenge over at the Robyn's Fetish Group this week.  We each were given an image to use to create a card symbolizng the "Dog Days Of Summer".  

If you haven't checked out Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps & More  you've got to soon.  She has some great images to select from.    I used the image  of a puppy "Hootch with his gal pal tortoise"  Hootch is about as cute a puppy as it gets.  I decided to have Hootch and his friend waiting for the school bus to come home at the end of the first day of school.

I tried using Copics for the first time.  Did OK.  Need more Copics I think.

 I told you he was a cutie.  I love the bow in the little turtles hair.  I'm going to have to give her a name.  She's just too cute not to have one.

Leave me some love.  Let me know how you liked my idea of a  "Dog Days o f  Summer" theme.

Weekly Challenges at TCC

Here are pictures of the 2 challenges I created for TCC Daily Challenges.  My days are Wednesday & Friday.

Wednesday:  Primary Color this week:  Blue
                        Embellishments:   Musical Notes &

The stamps I used this week was from a set  from Stampin Up Collection.  

I colored with watercolor pencils
The glitter :  stickles  (doesn't show too well in this picture)

Fridays Challenge this week:  
   Using a Pringle Can, I altered it to be a
   Teacher's Pencil Container

Here are the materials:
12 x 12 sheets of cardstock : (you could use regular scrapbook paper)  Cardstock was just my preference


empty pringles can

adhesive (your choice)
paper crimper or score board
circle cutter (I used a compass)
tear edger (or you could just tear it yourself)

*cut yellow piece 11" wide by 10 3/16" high
*using a "tear edger" or by hand, tear an 11" length of yellow paper to give it a rough edge that is no more than 1/2" high.  This edge will make the pencil like it has been through a pencil sharpener.

Line up the yellow paper just under the top rim of the can and run a line or two of adhesive from top rim to the bottom rim of can. 
Lay the yellow paper on top of the adhesive and wrap it around can.
      (the yellow should stop at the bottom rim.  All pringle cans are not the same measurement.  Just trim to fit )

run a line of adhesive around the outer rim of the lid.  Attach the yellow jagged paper to it. Lining the straight edge of paper with the bottom of the lid rim.   Set aside

*cut the pink paper 11" wide by 1 3/4" high

Run 2 lines of adhesive horizontally  to the back of the pink paper and line it up with the bottom rim of the can. Wrap the pink around the can.  (there will be overlap)

*cut the gray paper 11" wide by 1" high.  Crim or score the gray paper to give it ridges.

Run a line of adhesive horizontally on the back of the crimped paper.  Slightly over lap the gray paper over the pink paper and wrap around to cover.


*Cut a 5 1/2" circle using tan paper.
  Then cut a 3 1 /4" circle from the center of this.
  (set the 3 1/4" circle aside. you won't need it)
* cut a  4 1/2" black circle

Adhere the tan circle  (with the middle cut out) to the black circle.  
Cut a slit from the edge to the center of the circle.
Make a cone shape with the circle and adhere to hold it's shape while making sure  it fits just inside of the rim of the pringles can lid.

When  you're making your cone, you may see extra layers of paper on the bottom of the cone.  Just trim this extra paper layer off with scissors to have a nice and complete cone.

Apply a generous amount of adhesive (your preference) to the top of the lid to adhere the pencil tip cone.  Set aside and let dry.

This is really a simple project.   Waiting for the glue to dry  takes the most time.

I hope there is a special teacher this year for your school age children.  

Leave me some love.  Let me know how you like these altered projects we've had during August.   


Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture of Last Week's Altered Challenge

Here is a picture of the finished altered project from last Friday.  The teachers survivial kit in a jar was a big hit.  Didn't post one sooner because I had to wait until the challenge began, and this old gal just got busy and forgot .
 There it is.  Just check back earlier in one of the posts from last week's challenge.  A copy of the contents of the jar is there for you to use.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Challenge Pictures from Last Week

Well, last week I had my weekly challenges.
Wednesday's challenge was :
  Primary Color:   Yellow
  The embellishTments:  book & flowers

Here is the sample I gave for inspiration:
The image I used is:  Katie 
 It's an image from :
She is one of my favorites from Robyn's collections.

The next sample I gave for Friday's Challege:
I took a plane clear plastic container (used to hold nuts) and turned it into a
     Teacher's Survival Kit in a Jar
Here is what mine looked like.

This was a very quick and fun project to do.  You can even let your child suggest what they would put in the jar.  The last picture is the list of what was put into the jar.  Make your own if you wish, just have fun with it.  
Now you have seen what I did with these materials, let me see what you can do.  Leave me some love  and your blog addy so I can check it out.  



So much going on here and  The Stamping Boutique
where it's official, I am a new member of their  Design Team.  So excited about this.  Last weekend , remember I told you about the 3rd Birthday Celebration for TSB.  Well, we had several challenges to do a project using :

Color Challenge:  use the colors in their Store Logo
Birthday Card:  make a special birthday card for the celebration
3D project:  create anything , just make it 3D.

Here are my cards and 3-D project:

The top picture is for the  Color Challenge.  I used all pastels.  The little gal in the card is Miss Cynthia . Don't you love her attitude.  She so reminds me of my grand daughters.   I simply put wording around with : digis, challenges, and swaps with TSB at the top.  Pleased with how this turned out.

The middle picture is the Birthday Card Challenge.  I used one of "Audrey's" images.  This one is called " Audrey w/ a cupcake"  .  She is such a cutie to work with.    Not a lot of embellishment on this one.  Just didn't need it.

The bottom pictures are of my 3D project.  I made a "tooth fairy container"  The images on the top of the lid and around the sides are also TSB. This is simple , but sweet.  I have a special little friend who will be starting Kindergarten soon.  So she will soon need a container for all those lose teeth you have in Kindergarten.  

All of the images I've used in these challenges are from TSB .  Check out the wonderful variety of just adorable images she has to pick from.

Saturday was just a fabulous day.  Hope some of you were able to participate.  Lots of games, prizes, etc.  If you missed this one, don't worry.  I 'll make sure you make the next big event.  No go stop by TSB and check out what I've been talking about.  Come back and leave me some love and let me know what you liked.  I probably already have the image.  hehehe

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday Challlenge is Coming Up Tomorrow

Well, it's that time again.  Time for our weekly  Wacky Wednesday Challenge.  I'll give you a hint. This month's Challenge theme is  all about  
                  "Back To School"
Last week's Challenge was :
                      Red  + 2 elements:  apple and brads
There are several cute cards made using that  theme.  Check them out.

Tomorrow's Theme is also going to be around a Primary Color  + 2 elements.  But, to find out what they are you're going to have hop on over to The Crafter's Cafe to check it out.  This is the link for it:
Hope to see you there tomorrow.  


The Countdown Continues

Only   4 more  days to the
         BIG DAY!!!
Remember this Saturday , August 11th, is the 
                3rd  Birthday for 

There are sooo many fun things happening that day, you just can't miss it.    Hope to see you there.


Friday, August 3, 2012

The Count Down Is On!!!!

The Count Down Is On......

8  more days until 
It's gonna be party time at  TSB   .  There will be games, challenges and ooooh sooo many more fun things  happening there.  

Come on over and check it out. But, I'm afraid I've gotten you all excited and you are going to have to wait for  
                        8 MORE DAYS  
until the fun begins.  Yep!!!  Mark your calendar and check off the days as we wait until

                   August 11th, Saturday  is when the fun starts.  So help me count down those days.


2 New Challenges this Week

I have posted 2 new challenges this week over at  .  This month all of my challenges will have a
                                                    "back to school"
theme  .

 Wednesdays Challenges this month deal with 

The  Color for this week is:   RED
The embellisments:    APPLES 

Wednesdays Challenge runs until  Tuesday 8:00 pmCST , August 7 

Fridays Challenges  this month deal with
Gifts for the Teacher
The Project this week is:   Sticky Note Holder
3x3 sticky note pad
4x6 acrylic frame.  

Fridays Challenge runs until Thursday,  August 9 , 8:00 pm  CST

So if you want to enter any of these challenges, just come on over to 
and have some fun.

So you have a week to try these fun challenges.  Let me see what you do.  I'd love some more creative ideas coming my way.

Stay Cool, and have Fun!!!!