Monday, August 29, 2011

First Blog Hop

I had the best time Saturday doing a bloghop for Fall.  One of  the most creative afternoons I 've had in a long time.  I believe there were about 20+ creative women who shared so many wonderful projects and ideas for Fall.  And they also offered a chance to win "blog candy".  (didn't know what that was, but oh boy , I'm glad I did this bloghop).  Being such a newbie to this blogging thing, I am finding out how much fun it can be. Can 't wait to try to do some of the great projects I saw.  Keeping my fingers crossed I win some of the blog candy. 

Friday, August 26, 2011


Just ventured into the world of Ebay.  Scary.  I just big on 3 different sets of inks.  We'll see if I get them.  Bidding over in 5 hrs.   Not too sure about this.  Donna is a pro at buying on Ebay.  Have to check with her,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OWH Fall Card No. 2

Well, another card down.  Steps I took to make this card.
1l)  cut burgundy card stock 4 x 51/2"
2.)  cut print paper same size (ripped it from top to bottom on angle)
3.)  rubbed the edges of the  print sheet with barn red distress ink
4,) Attached the print to the card stock
5.) Added  brushed gold brads in corners
6. ) Added small bow (made with my fork) to the upper right corner.  (used sheer ribbon for the bow.
7.) Attached embellished burgundy card stock to base card (tan color).
8.)  added OWH label onto burgundy or forest green card stock strip for back of card.
9. )  Dashed with black ink    eg. ------   around entire front and back of card.
Now to download the pictures. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Operation Write Home Fall Card

First card of several I hope to make within the next few days.  I want to get this batch of cards out sometime next week.  It's a Fall card with no sentiment.  Just pretty generic. Well, as usual I kind of messed up add ing these pictures.  But I'm sure you get the idea.  You just get to get the idea twice instead of once since I double loaded them onto my blog.  Am  I good or what.  

The card is a standard A2 card.  
1) Before I started to do anything with my materials, I have to play around with some sketch ideas.  Hence the first few pictures.  I finally decided what I wanted to do and distressed the front  and back of the card using Distress Inks:  Barn Door; Tea Dye; and Old Paper.  

2)  Then I cut the brown cardstock to fit the front of the card along with a piece of same for the back using 3 1/2" by 4"  measurements.

3.) Using a 2" scalloped circle punch I cut one from orange cardstock.  

4.)  Then I made my bows using a fork(yes a fork) with 3/16" orange and brown checked ribbon.  Using the fork is a great way to make perfect small bows for your cards.

5.) I added the ribbon over the orange scalloped punchout.  

6.)  I then added a bronze brad on each corner.

7.)  Using some preglittered fall colored leaves I attached them together with a bronze brad just below the bow.    (these leaves were 2", the ones used on the back of the card were 1")

8.)  I then attached the entire brown piece using my handy dandy ATG adhesive .

9.)  For the back I attached the brads first .

10.)  At the bottom I attached the small pre glittered leaves on each corner.

11.) It doesn't show it, but I going to mat the Operation Write Home label and attach it to the center of the top piece on the back of the card.

Now onto my next card.

Displaying all those creative cards !

Just figured out a cute way to display those great cards I have been making (yes, I am patting myself on the back; and the creations of my friends.  No nails, no hammering, no holes in the wall.  Gary is beside himself with joy.  Ran out of hanger uppers (or whatever they are called) or I'd have alot more up.   Do you have any other suggestions on how you display your creations.   Would  love to see them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swaps Received

Just received some wonderful swap cards for Christmas from Dusti's "scrappinwith cricut" blog.  They are great.  Gives me so many ideas to use for my own creations.    The Krazy Kard Swap from the other blog were cards made by Kathi C.  and they were about as cute and creative as can be.  I'm going to post them so everyone can see the creativity of my new friends.  Unfortunately, I am down at the moment with ankle problems.  Not able to get around at this point for some reason.  As soon as I am up and running again I'll down load this cards.  They will surely impress you.  I know I was.  Have a great Sunday. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Blog Layoout

I just cleaned up and reorganized this blog site.  Hopefully, it will be a bit easier to read.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Assembly Line Christmas Card for my class

This card I'm making 13 of because I'm sending them to the Operation Write Home group that sends all our cards we make to our Military serving overseas.  This was they'll have a card to send home to loved ones.  It's was great group to be involved in.  Those serving to keep us safe at home so deserve this and so much more.  It's a small way to give back.  Hope these pictures show up OK.

2 More Projects for Creative Classroom

Another one of my projects for this class was a gift bag and a tag to go with it.  Hope you can tell by these pictures.  I think I'm going to have to have our Mandi take pictures of my projects.  She does such a better job than I.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Play Day for Grandma ; My New Sewing Machine Has Arrived!

No pictures yet.  Just got my new machine and can't wait to play.  It's not a fancy one that fixes dinner and cleans your house.  But it will do the important things like, thread automatic, automatic tension, automatic bobbin winding and one step button hole.  All that and heaven too.Pictures later.

New Krazy Kard to share

It's so hot, I  thought I'd make  one of my favorite things to cool off .