Friday, July 27, 2012

How about a Tea Bag Wreath

Before I start this tutorial, I need to remind you that I'm am not too good with getting pictures and directions where they are supposed to be.  It starts out that way when I type it, but then when I see what order everything comes up in,your guess is as good as mine why this happens.  So on that note, I will try to be very specific with the directions for this wreath.  So if the directions you are ready do not match the picture above or below, keep looking LOL , it's there.

Now onto  the Wreath.  This is by far one of the easiest and quickest paper craft I have ever done.  One afternoon is all it takes.

Coordinating papers (not card stock) 2  12x12 sheets; and this might be a good way to use some of that stash of paper we just can't throw out.

20-24 clothespin - plastic or wood
foam core -cut to one 10" circle with 4 1/2" diameter

20-24 tea bags (depending upon the size wreath you make)

18" ribbon  (double sided is nice)


 The next few pictures will show how to cover the front and the back.
Trace and cut around the wreath adding 1" to the diameter  with coordinating paper. (This is for the front cover)
Trace and cut around the wreath with coordinating paper to exact size of the wreath.  (This is to finish the back of wreath)
Clip the curves around the wreath show it will take the form easier, and will lay better as you glue it.  There is a picture showing this.

Then with the other papers you've selected cut pieces to fit the top of the clothespin.  Attach with glue.  When finished attach the clothespins to the covered wreath.  (making sure the squeeze (for lack of a better term) part is toward the center and the  pincher part is facing outwards.   When all are attached, let dry for a few hours .

When completely dry, take your ribbon , cut to length, dove tail the ends, and brad them together.  Hot glue  the loop to the back of the wreath.

Then  add your tea bags.  Voila, you have your tea bag wreath.  Now for some more pictures.

Let me know how you like it.  I think this is going to be a popular gift this year.  I just have a feeling.  There are a lot of tea drinkers  I know.


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