Monday, July 30, 2012


Come on and join us at TSB third birthday party 
                                      August 11th
Here is the link:http// 

So many fun things are being planned.  It's going to be one happening place on August 11th.  

                                             COME AND JOIN US !!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

How about a Tea Bag Wreath

Before I start this tutorial, I need to remind you that I'm am not too good with getting pictures and directions where they are supposed to be.  It starts out that way when I type it, but then when I see what order everything comes up in,your guess is as good as mine why this happens.  So on that note, I will try to be very specific with the directions for this wreath.  So if the directions you are ready do not match the picture above or below, keep looking LOL , it's there.

Now onto  the Wreath.  This is by far one of the easiest and quickest paper craft I have ever done.  One afternoon is all it takes.

Coordinating papers (not card stock) 2  12x12 sheets; and this might be a good way to use some of that stash of paper we just can't throw out.

20-24 clothespin - plastic or wood
foam core -cut to one 10" circle with 4 1/2" diameter

20-24 tea bags (depending upon the size wreath you make)

18" ribbon  (double sided is nice)


 The next few pictures will show how to cover the front and the back.
Trace and cut around the wreath adding 1" to the diameter  with coordinating paper. (This is for the front cover)
Trace and cut around the wreath with coordinating paper to exact size of the wreath.  (This is to finish the back of wreath)
Clip the curves around the wreath show it will take the form easier, and will lay better as you glue it.  There is a picture showing this.

Then with the other papers you've selected cut pieces to fit the top of the clothespin.  Attach with glue.  When finished attach the clothespins to the covered wreath.  (making sure the squeeze (for lack of a better term) part is toward the center and the  pincher part is facing outwards.   When all are attached, let dry for a few hours .

When completely dry, take your ribbon , cut to length, dove tail the ends, and brad them together.  Hot glue  the loop to the back of the wreath.

Then  add your tea bags.  Voila, you have your tea bag wreath.  Now for some more pictures.

Let me know how you like it.  I think this is going to be a popular gift this year.  I just have a feeling.  There are a lot of tea drinkers  I know.

Paper Bag Card Directions

Well, it's time for some more pictures to share.  One of the challenges I gave my Wednesday Daily Challenge Group (we call this Wacky Wednesday) was to make a card out of a paper bag
. Below are the steps and materials I used.
When you lay out your bag (size of a lunch bag works well) , the flap on the bottom of the bag should be to the left.  The open end of the bag should be to your right.  This is the INSIDE of the card.  You'll see how the flap is turned into a small pocket for a surprise  !   The opening can be another little pocket for something special for the recipient of this absolutely adorable card. As you're looking at the flattened bag(flap side up) , fold bag in half.  This is the size of the card you're making.


The next   4 pictures above  show how I decorated the cover of the card (bag) using the solid and patterned paper; flower embellishments; buttons and a stamp with the message  "SO MANY CANDLES".

The next pictures show how I decorated the left inside of the card. One of the pictures (with my finger in it) shows you what you need to do to brad only through one layer of  the flap .  This way you wont have your brad show on the front.   
 You can embellish as much or as little as you wish.  As you can see, I just can't embellish enough.   The little bookmark shown fits right into that side pocket that is shown. 

The next picture shows how to finish the inside right of the card(bag).  This isn't necessary, but I just wanted to give it a little edge. As you can see you, just glue the strip on both sides of the opening.  Then we ready to decorate the right side.  Finished that side off with the last sentiment "SO LITTLE CAKE" Next up is the back cover.  This was covered with the same color as the cover and embellished using pop dots  so that I could slip my ribbon through the front and back to give me something to close up  the card .

Finally I have pictures of the inside and outside of the finished card, along with the finished card.

Card Stock-Recollections
Really Reasonable Ribbon
Stamp of choice

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I had so much fun making it.  Let me know what you think. 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fat Page

Yes, you read it correctly.  It's a Fat Page.  I completed mine, but I can't post it until I send it to my swap partner.  It's similar to making an ATC, yet it's a bit larger. 4" x4".  The theme was the beach.  And yes, I got to add some real sand to my layout.  
We were given an image from 
to use.  Mine was the beach kitty.  He even came with his very own sand pail.  You just can't go to the beach without one, right!!!  

I'm getting organized for my Funky Friday Challenge this week.  I'm going to take ordinary tea bags and turn them into a wreath.  I just have to make another one and take pictures as I go, so I can give some detailed directions to everyone.  

I am still celebrating my birthday month.  Yes, it is a month long adventure every July.  Ask my family.     I want to post a few of the cards I've received from friends at The Crafters Cafe.   Hope you enjoy them as much as I.  They're really great cards, unfortunately the person taking the picture isn't as great a photographer.  But I gave it my best shot.

Hope you enjoyed them!!!

Wacky Wednesday

Well, I am slowly catching up with all my crafting "honey do's " this week.  Today is the day I have to post my WW Challenge for the week.  I am really excited about this challenge.  I've posted it with pictures at

The theme this week is very simple.  All you have to do is
                               "BAG IT"
That means, take an ordinary lunchbag size or smaller paper bag and turn it into a card.  I'll show you the before and after pictures.  If you want to see how to do one, hop on over to 
to see the rest of the directions with pictures.    This was one of the most fun projects I've ever done.  And it didn't take long.

  Did I tweak your interest?  Hope so.  Come on , try it.  Let me know if you do.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Week Ahead

Well, have a busy week ahead.  Finishing up Challenges and swaps for July. 
 Our Theme at TCC this month was Frogs. 

 I didn't have to make a birthday card this month because it's my birthday month.  Yea!!!  I'll be posting some wonderful pictures of cards friends have made for me.  I sure do know a lot of talented women.
This month we did something new.  My first ever  "Fat Page".   That's right.  It's a fat page.  It's similar to an ATC, only the size is a bit bigger.  4" x 4".  The theme for this is the Beach.  Yea!!!, I get to use more sand.  The image I'm using is  from Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More   
 The image is "Beachkitty". 

And, of course, I have my Daily Challenge for Wacky Wednesday and Funky Friday.  I'm going to try something real different for Wednesday this week.  Won't say what, so you'll have to bop on over to TCC and click on Daily Challenges to see what fun you'll be having this Wacky Wednesday.

On Friday, we'll have another altered project using something everyone has at least one of in their kitchen.  Come on over to check it out this Funky Friday.  I think you'll want to do this project.

 The Outlaws Womens Scrapbook Emporium  ATC theme this month was RED White & Blue.

 We also have a "Tip In Page" we swap with a different partner each month.  This month my partner's altered book "tip in page"  is LIFE LESSONS.  

We also have   have a  beginning of the month card and end of the month card exchange.  Each month we have new partners.  There is no specific theme for these cards except to leave them blank  so they can be used by your partner.  Needless to say, I haven't made my beginning of the month card yet.  And since this is the last week of the month, I better get cracking on it.  

Well, as much as I enjoy chatting , I better get moving.  Or I'll never get finished with all my last minute "things".  

Let me know if I've peaked your interest in those daily challenges I've been talking about for the past few months.  They are really a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crafter's Cafe Challenge Blog-July; Challenge #6

The theme of Challenge #6 at the crafter's cafe is 
                     "Christmas In July-
              nontraditional Colors

Here is my creation:

 Our wonderful sponsor for this is 

Guylou's Inimitability 

The prize for the Challenge is a $10 store gift certificate.

Want more fun?  Take a visit over to The Crafter's Cafe Site 

Hope to see your creations at The Crafter's Cafe Challenge Blog.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

tea bag wreath

Went to the workshop yesterday to learn how to make a tea  bag  wreath  .  Oh, it was a blast.  It takes so little material.  Pretty much you're working with your stash.  

You need:
coordinated pattern paper 12 x 12 sheets
foam core board   for  wreath template   (wreath will be about 10" in diameter)
wooden clip clothespins.  about 20
ribbon  18" at the most
brads to coordinate with your ribbon for hanging ()this is a light weight project) 
tea bags of your choice  ( I picked teas that I liked with coordinating colors ) 

I don' t have step by step directions yet.  I'm making another one for next week.  I'll take pictures as I go.  The pictures today are the finished tea bag wreath hanging in our breakfast nook.

 Since you all know photography is not my strong suit , I posted several for you to see the wreath better.  

Let me know how you like it.   Would love some feedback.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ants Are Marching........

This is a card I made as an example of a Wacky Wednesday Challenge tomorrow  at the Crafters Cafe Every day there is a new challenge and they are all different, but not too hard.  All you need is to let your imagination fly.  Tomorrow the challenge is all about ants.  Now what would you do with that in the way of a card, tag, scrapbook page.  Once you've finished your project , post it on the blog.  Come on over and join us.  You won't be disappointed. 
 My recipe for this card is very simple.
Cardstock-  my old standby   Recollections 
Jolie's   Black Ants  & Picnic Time

There you have it.  Try this challenge.  Show me what you did.  Come on , get those creative juices flowing.

My Birthday Cards

Now this is a really fun post because it's all about my birthday cards I am receiving throughout July from friends  at TCC.  There is a group of us that make sure we each send a card to whomever has a birthday that particular month.  So this is my month.  Yea!!!  Happy Birthday to me!!!  This is only my first card.  I'll be posting them as I received them.  These gals I'm sharing with are an awesome group whom I have the privilege to call my friends.   The card I'm is from Rhonda.  She not only made a card using my favorite color  TEAL, but sent me some goodies (flowers and ribbon) inside the card.  What a gal.  So a big thank you to Rhonda for your card and your goodies sent. 

June Card Swaps

This post is all about another swap I'm in making a card each month at the beginning and at the end.  We get different partners each time we make a card .  They don't have to be themed, just make it anyway you choose.  No verse inside, since these should be notecards for them to use.  
This  is my first one I received yesterday from Robyn.  This was for the Beginning June Swap
I love the simplicity.  It's so pretty.  This is going to be hard to give to someone else. 

Tip In Pages are here

I am so excited about this altered book swap I'm in .  We each pick a theme for our books and the size of our page it should be.  Then each month we get a different partner to swap with.  Mine this month was a page a did for  Michele.  Her book theme is Anything Vintage.  So I decided to do a vintage sewing page.  Need to do front and back.  Here are a few pictures of Michele's page I did for her.  The top 2 pictures are one side and the bottom is the other.  She can choose which to be the top.

Next is my tip in page .  My theme is  Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes.  I figure once I have my  altered book filled with everyone's favorites, it'll will be set out at Christmas not only as a book to use, but also as a decoration.  Can't wait to have it finished.
 Hope you enjoyed my pictures of these altered book  pages.  I think this is one project I could easily do for gifts for very special people in my life.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ATC of the Month-OWSE-Collage Theme

Our theme this month for Outlaws Womens Scrapbooking Emporium was 
Collage.  And  boy do I collage.  For this collage I used so many different mediums .  There are actually 4 layers  going on in this ATC. The ribbon threaded through the black brad was one I used on an Indian Costume I made for my grand daughter. I sanded the black brad a bit to age it. I used rub-on letters for the last layer.  Plus I used numerous metal pieces of different shapes and colors.  It was so much fun to do..  The hardest part was gluing the ATC onto the cardstock base.    I also made velum envelopes for these ATCs.  It wasn't part of the swap, but I like the way they look.