Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back to the craftroom

No pictures today, but am in the process of getting together 16 card kits to take to a Retirement Residence nearby .  We're making cards to be sent to deployed military for Christmas.  Got to get them in the mail today so they'll get them in time.

Next project.  Swap due Dec. 1.  Looking forward to getting back into swapping again.  You just get so many ideas when you swap your creations with others.  Need to put together 3 sets of 5 get well cards.  Each set has to be  different.  If you have any ideas , please share.

Then we get to goodie bags to be filled for the children's choir after they perform at our annual Advent By Candlelight Event.  This year I'll make sure I have the correct number of bags ready.  Don't want a repeat of last year. 

Then I've got to get rolling with my Christmas Cards.  I like to mail them by Dec. 1st.  Cross your fingers.  I have a lot of ideas of what to do, but making up my mind which I love the best is the hard part for me.  

And during all the above fun things, I have 7 Advent Wreaths for outside Church to go up the day after Thanksgiving.  Had to gut them completely and start over.  But I love what I'm doing with them, so I know I'll have fun completing them.
  Then I have to redo the cornucopia that goes under the Altar at church for Thanksgiving.  Needs to go up next week sometime.  

  I'll try to take pictures of all the projects coming up.  And I'll try to post them for you.  Good Luck with that....

Happy crafting !!

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