Friday, June 15, 2012

Something Old, Something Altered, Something New !!!

Today I'm posting another altered project.  This one is a simple plastic container that was used for snack mix.  Well, I  took it  and made it into a special snack container for my hubby.  He absolutely loves the mix "Nuts n Bolts".  It's one I make a lot for gifts each Christmas.  But for Father's Day this year, I thought I'd fix up a special container just for him.  Below are the pictures from beginning to end.

I created this using stash.  The container is recycled.  
Recipe:   3 coordinating papers
                  2-3 coordinating ribbons
                    brads that look like screws (I clipped the backs off so they would lie flat on the curved surface of  the container.
                       press on letters
                        3 different sizes of permanent tape.  



  1. Well, aren't you just the clever one! We get those all the time, filled with nuts! Now I know what to do with the next empty one. Thanks for sharing - your DH will love it!

    1. Thanks, Patti. He will definitely enjoy it. Maybe not so much the container, but defintely what goes into it.