Thursday, August 25, 2011

OWH Fall Card No. 2

Well, another card down.  Steps I took to make this card.
1l)  cut burgundy card stock 4 x 51/2"
2.)  cut print paper same size (ripped it from top to bottom on angle)
3.)  rubbed the edges of the  print sheet with barn red distress ink
4,) Attached the print to the card stock
5.) Added  brushed gold brads in corners
6. ) Added small bow (made with my fork) to the upper right corner.  (used sheer ribbon for the bow.
7.) Attached embellished burgundy card stock to base card (tan color).
8.)  added OWH label onto burgundy or forest green card stock strip for back of card.
9. )  Dashed with black ink    eg. ------   around entire front and back of card.
Now to download the pictures. 

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