Monday, January 30, 2012

Help Help Help

Well, I think I've got the watermark down. Thank God for Grandsons.  For all who emailed me, Thank you.  Dawn, if you would email me your address, I have some blog candy to send to you.  You were so sweet to help. 

Now for my next issues.  There is an absolutely fun fun Bloghop coming up on February 10th sponsored by the The Crafter's Cafe.  There are badges and links for all the information, but that is where my problems come up.  I thought I had the linky thingy down along with the badges.  I have a lot of badges on my blog.  But I just realized that when you click on them, they don't bring you to that particular blog or site..  Don't know why, but then it's me right. LOL 

  I am one of the DT members  on the bloghop.  My first one, a little nervous.  I have some fun projects that I've been working on using the generous sponsors who've offered their stamps for us to use.  But I know I have to have their link below the project on my blog.  Just can't figure out how to do it. 

The young gals I am working with on the DT at the Crafter's Cafe are so patient.  I can do the projects, it just giving the sponsor credit for them.  Sometimes, I get to laughing at myself so much because of how confused I get doing something apparently doing something so easy. 

I have several things to upload to post, but I have to work on those badges , so they are correct.  If any of my wonderful bloggers can give me some "easy" directions to get my blog up to par in time for you all to come and enjoy the creativity of all the DT , I'd be your BFF.  Promise:D
Have a sunshine day everyone.  I'm going back to get frustrated again. LOL


  1. I sure wish you would contact me and we would set up a time to "walk" you through the directions. I swear it is "very" easy.
    I am at dawnll AT
    You will be surprised how many things you can do.

  2. Hi hun, i had this problem this is how i do it!
    When you write a new post you will notice a little word above the box saying link, say your using a freshbrewed digi and want to link the word freshbrewed to their website, click the link box and in the top box write the word you want linked, eg freshbrewed or find them here, then in the box underneath copy there web adress, you can do this by rigt clicking on there web adress at the top of their page and click copy then right click into the box i just said and click paste, as for the boxes on your sidebar same thing, when you put the picture in, just above you will see it say http://, remove that and copy and paste their web adress into the box, then it will direct link, any probz get back to me and i will do a video tute for you hun,
    Kenz xx