Monday, February 6, 2012

OWH Spring and Easter Cards

I have a few cards put together by a  group of residents at a local assisted living facility.  They have so much fun when we do this.  The age ranges from mid 70's to 101.  "The Girls" wanted to have a name for our group.  (I didn't know we had a group, but OK)  Came up with "The Card Sharks"  .  So each month  I'll be posting pictures from "The Card Sharks" for OWH.  I have found when working with "the girls" , it's easier to  have them use pop dots  instead of adhesive (roll on kind).  The roll on is just too difficult for them.  So I  make the cards "user friendly" for them.  I don't want to frustrate them.  Then end product is really nice.  Would love some feed back on these cards so I can share it with "the  girls".  Take in consideration that I took the pictures. 

My recipe in making these was pretty simple.  
I used a nestability oval  for the puppy in the basket.
Coloring was predominantly watercolor  pencils.  Some highlighting was sdone with ink,  watercolor markers, and glaze pens.
I used liquid pearls to high light the oval.

All "the girls" had to do was attach the oval or frame, prima flowers with brads  and the OWH strip we have to put on the back of each card.  
I love working with them.  This is a great group of women.   And they are the original "Card Sharks".

Let me know how you like their work.

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  1. Oh how wonderful! love that you shared their beauties.
    Please thank them for making cards, as a mother of a soldier I can tell you this is a wonderful place to share cards.