Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another altered challenge

Friday, 8/24/12, I posted another challenge with the back to school theme.  This week I showed how to make  a mini book for an Emergency Contact List for the babysitter. 

Now I used  a few sheets of chip board  for my book.  But you  could always use empty cereal boxes, or other types of boxes made of sturdy  paper.  Just cut the the box up into the size book you wish to make.

Mine was 6x6".  I used my stash of paper to cover the page. 
The hardest part about making this book is selecting the paper to use.  

*Be sure to pre-punch your pages before covering  with paper.  This will allow you to use the indentation of the holes to trace over.
Here is a sample of what I used to make this.

I also used a variety of ribbon pieces to dress up the rings .

The book I made had:
4 chipboard pages(2 sided)
back cover

To cover your pages:

For the front and back covers:

I cut 2 pieces of paper: 8x8"
Once  one side was covered, I cut the corners at an angle.  This allowed the paper to wrap over the sides of the page to give a more finished look.

This is the size  to cut the inside of the cover.
6x6".  This will fit neatly onto the page without overlap.

So here is what to do with the rest of the pages.

outside covers-  8x8"
inside covers- 6x6"

page 1 & all odd # pages :  cut to 8x8"

page 2 & all even # pages:  cut to 6x6"

Once your pages are covered, be sure to trace over the  pre-punched holes where you'll put the rings thru.

If you look closely you'll see the traced holes.

Then decide what type of info. you wish to put into your book.  Mine are simply suggestions. The  next group of pictures will show each page or pages to give you an  idea how I set up my book.

This is a perfect project you could do with your child.  Get their input .  You'd be surprised what they'll suggest to add to it.

Let me know how you like this project. Leave me some love.   



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