Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wednesdays 'Challenge

I also had a challenge Wednesday.   The theme for my challenges for the month of  August is "back to school".

I am taking a primary color each week and adding 2 embellishments to use to make their card.  

This week's primary color is:  green
                    embellishments:   buttons and numbers

Here is my sample. The image I used was one created by Jellypark Designs.  Her badge is on the side bar of my blog.  You've just got to check her out.You'll love her work.  Her images are so easy to work with.  Of course, this little gal is sitting at her table just wondering what to do with all those fun things  to use.  She's also practicing her numbers.  Pretty good job.


  1. oh how I adore your card! super-dee-duper cute! :)

  2. Jen, I just love that little gal. Her hair reminds me of me when I can figure out what way I want to go to even begin a project. Speaking of hair, friend. How are you doing?????