Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Challenge Pictures from Last Week

Well, last week I had my weekly challenges.
Wednesday's challenge was :
  Primary Color:   Yellow
  The embellishTments:  book & flowers

Here is the sample I gave for inspiration:
The image I used is:  Katie 
 It's an image from : robynsfetish.com/shop/
She is one of my favorites from Robyn's collections.

The next sample I gave for Friday's Challege:
I took a plane clear plastic container (used to hold nuts) and turned it into a
     Teacher's Survival Kit in a Jar
Here is what mine looked like.

This was a very quick and fun project to do.  You can even let your child suggest what they would put in the jar.  The last picture is the list of what was put into the jar.  Make your own if you wish, just have fun with it.  
Now you have seen what I did with these materials, let me see what you can do.  Leave me some love  and your blog addy so I can check it out.  


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  1. Jacqy!! (my adopted mom)!!
    Just wanted to pop in to say "Hi" and to let the whole world know how much I TOTALLY love this teacher's jar project!!
    You need to add a picture of the finished jar, because it really is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

    Love you!