Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Challenges at TCC

Here are pictures of the 2 challenges I created for TCC Daily Challenges.  My days are Wednesday & Friday.

Wednesday:  Primary Color this week:  Blue
                        Embellishments:   Musical Notes &

The stamps I used this week was from a set  from Stampin Up Collection.  

I colored with watercolor pencils
The glitter :  stickles  (doesn't show too well in this picture)

Fridays Challenge this week:  
   Using a Pringle Can, I altered it to be a
   Teacher's Pencil Container

Here are the materials:
12 x 12 sheets of cardstock : (you could use regular scrapbook paper)  Cardstock was just my preference


empty pringles can

adhesive (your choice)
paper crimper or score board
circle cutter (I used a compass)
tear edger (or you could just tear it yourself)

*cut yellow piece 11" wide by 10 3/16" high
*using a "tear edger" or by hand, tear an 11" length of yellow paper to give it a rough edge that is no more than 1/2" high.  This edge will make the pencil like it has been through a pencil sharpener.

Line up the yellow paper just under the top rim of the can and run a line or two of adhesive from top rim to the bottom rim of can. 
Lay the yellow paper on top of the adhesive and wrap it around can.
      (the yellow should stop at the bottom rim.  All pringle cans are not the same measurement.  Just trim to fit )

run a line of adhesive around the outer rim of the lid.  Attach the yellow jagged paper to it. Lining the straight edge of paper with the bottom of the lid rim.   Set aside

*cut the pink paper 11" wide by 1 3/4" high

Run 2 lines of adhesive horizontally  to the back of the pink paper and line it up with the bottom rim of the can. Wrap the pink around the can.  (there will be overlap)

*cut the gray paper 11" wide by 1" high.  Crim or score the gray paper to give it ridges.

Run a line of adhesive horizontally on the back of the crimped paper.  Slightly over lap the gray paper over the pink paper and wrap around to cover.


*Cut a 5 1/2" circle using tan paper.
  Then cut a 3 1 /4" circle from the center of this.
  (set the 3 1/4" circle aside. you won't need it)
* cut a  4 1/2" black circle

Adhere the tan circle  (with the middle cut out) to the black circle.  
Cut a slit from the edge to the center of the circle.
Make a cone shape with the circle and adhere to hold it's shape while making sure  it fits just inside of the rim of the pringles can lid.

When  you're making your cone, you may see extra layers of paper on the bottom of the cone.  Just trim this extra paper layer off with scissors to have a nice and complete cone.

Apply a generous amount of adhesive (your preference) to the top of the lid to adhere the pencil tip cone.  Set aside and let dry.

This is really a simple project.   Waiting for the glue to dry  takes the most time.

I hope there is a special teacher this year for your school age children.  

Leave me some love.  Let me know how you like these altered projects we've had during August.   


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